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Getting Started

After installing Saber onto your web server or local machine, you'll be ready to start building your first website using Saber! Before you attempt this, you should follow the instructions below and examine the diagram to get started. Saber is suprisingly easy to use if you know exactly what set of tools you have to work with.

Create An Administrator Account

Navigate to your new Saber website using your favorite web browser and you'll be redirected to a sign up form made specifically for creating administrator accounts. You will only see this form if your website has no admin accounts in the database.

Once you create your administrator account, log into your new account and press the ESC key to view Saber's Editor. From here, you can create new content, upload resources (like images, documents, and zip files), set up your website settings, create new users and assign them to security groups, and much more.

Create Content

Navigate to any URL within your website and you'll notice that you can press the ESC key to view Saber's Editor. Valid URLs will be alpha-numeric and we recommend you use dashes - instead of spaces to create clean, human-readable URLs. For example, the following URL for a blog post, https://localhost:7070/blog/2021-08-13/My-Time-In-Virgina is a SEO-friendly URL.

Code Editor diagram