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Saber has a robust security system that supports user account creation & management along with feature, page, and plugin level protection that are configured through security groups.

Administrator Account

When you first run a copy of Saber on your web server, you will be redirected to the log in page where you'll be prompted to create an administrator account and log in. Once you log into your administrator account, you can start editing the default website, import a website template, create user accounts, and a plethera of other tasks. As administrator, you have unrestricted access to all features, pages, and plugins within Saber.

User Accounts

As an administrator (or a user with sufficient permissions), you can create user accounts by navigating to Website > User Accounts from the top menu bar. Users must activate their account by responding to an account verification email before they are able to log in.

NOTE: Before you can create any user accounts, you must first set up your Email Client by navigating to Website > Email Settings from the top menu bar so that users can receive their account verification email.

Security Groups

You can create unlimited security groups, each with their own set of permissions for features, pages and plugins. Users can be assigned to multiple security groups, and each page you create within your website can be assigned multiple security groups as well. If a page is assigned to one or more security groups, no unauthorized users can view the page and will be redirected to a 403 Access Denied page. You can modify the access denied page by navigating to /access-denied within your Saber website.