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Public API

Saber includes a public REST API which can be used from 3rd-party applications to execute various commands and retrieve data about your website. To use Saber's public API, the 3rd-party application must make URL requests to https://{}/api/{ServiceClassName}/{ServiceMethodName} using the POST method and must use a developer key in the POST parameters.

Developer Keys

To authenticate 3rd-party applications, Saber requires that all API requests come from a secure web server and include the POST parameter apikey, which must contain the key value from one of the developer-keys found within Saber's config.json file.

"developer-keys": [
"client_id": "my-3rd-party-app"
"key": "YoUr2KeY4GoEs6HeRe8"
"redirect_uri": "

The above example shows a developer key within the config.json file. We suggest that you generate a developer key for each 3rd-party application that you wish to allow access to Saber's public API endpoints, and generate keys that contain random alpha-numeric characters using at least 16 characters.

The client_id property is the ID used by the 3rd-party application to retrieve an authorization request.

The redirect_uri property is the URL used to redirect the user to after an authorization request has been made.

You can change the developer key within your config.json at any time, but you will be required to update the developer key within the 3rd-party application as well.

User Authentication

The following instructions are meant for 3rd-party applications to authenticate a Saber user account using OAuth 2.0.

Some API endpoints are secure and will require user permissions before execution. Therefore, 3rd-party applications will need to require their users to log into their Saber account to execute secure, public API endpoints. Use the following process to retrieve & store a persistent token for your user.

For Web Applications


Saber has many internal API endpoints, but only a few are made available for public access. Some plugins may include public API endpoints, but you will need to consult the documentation for those plugins in order to understand which endpoints are available.


Create a new user account with minimum permissions. The new user will be sent an authentication email and will be required to click the authentication link within the email before they are able to log into their Saber account.

POST Parameters

Parameter Data Type Description
name string User's public display name (e.g. John Doe).
emailaddr string User's email address. Primarily used for sending an authentication email as well as logging into their account.
password string The user's password, which must adhere to Saber's password policies and may vary since the password policies can be changed by a webmaster.
password2 string The user's password supplied a second time to ensure that the user correctly typed in their password twice.




Send an email to the user's email account that will allow them to activate their account.

POST Parameters

Parameter Data Type Description
email string User's email address.